No Pudge! Original Fat Free Fudge Mix 13.7 oz

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Traditionally thick, fudgy brownies. Great for those who want a pure, rich, all chocolate taste.


I have to say, never before did I ever think I would find a low fat, or even fat free product that is worthy in comparison to the taste of old fashioned brownies, but indeed, I have found it. These brownies are rich in texture, moist, and chocolaty. You will forget that you're eating a fat free product and actually panic for a moment in thinking that you might have splurged, because that is how good they taste. They taste like the real thing. They ARE the real thing, but without the fat! Most fat free products are tasteless and bland, or overcompensate on other ingredients to make up for the lack of richness. Not these. The texture is there, the taste is there, and I have found my new favorite product. The local store sells these, but I might just place an order here when I get paid, because I have to try these other flavors!

PERFECT! I crave these over normal brownies, try cutting them up small and sticking them in the freezer, perfect fudge bars.

Kelley B
These brownies are fantastic. It's hard to believe they're fat free. I've been doing the single serving option. In one minute, you have a nice-sized rich, chocolatey, moist, delicious brownie. And it'll satisfy any sweet and chocolate craving!! Top it with a little light whipped cream, and you are set!! What a delicious, guilt-free "splurge"!

Mrs Pink
I originally purchased these brownies because they are the only brownie mix on the market that is dairy free. My daughter is lactose intolerant. They're great. We use lactose free yogurt or soy yogurt when making them. I just want to point out to the Reily company that their section on the box for "lactose free" option has "sour cream" as an alternative to yogurt. Last I checked sour cream is a dairy product, it is not a lactose free option. Reily company, you should fix that!! We had a good laugh over it. Dear No Pudge! Baker, Excellent comment, thank you! We had grouped our substitutions for yogurt in this area on the box but we agree with you; is confusing to label this section as “Lactose Intolerant” when mentioning non-fat sour cream. Thank you for your input!!