French Market Coffee Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory 12oz Red CAN

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(Dark Roast) 12oz  The classic New Orleans blend of our dark roast coffee & French chicory, in our signature can. This is the glorious black liquid gold locals search for every time they come home to New Orleans.  For the traditional New Orleans coffee experience, enjoy it with milk or in a New Orleans-style café au lait.


Hubba, hubba. In your face City Roast, letting you know you just had a bold, strong cup of coffee & chicory. Cold brew it, and you have a concentrate that serves up well. Too many late nights in the French Quarter, better keep this on the shelf.

Ron Burkhardt
Love this stuff. Wished I could get the K-cups locally. Will have to settle for the can. Just glad I can get it here in Texas

Sally in NOLA
This coffee is exquisite; I have drunk it all my life and cannot imagine drinking anything else. For the last couple of years I have cold-brewed it using the Toddy system, and the coffee is even better, if that can be imagined. Try it that way; you'll never go back!

I stumbled on this coffee about 5 years ago and have since converted at least 5 people to the brand. I like a strong bold coffee and this is definitely it! My local store discontinued it (BIG mistake) so now I order it by the case!! LOVE IT!!

this is the only coffee we drink.. I got my wife hooked.. for K-cup users, go to Amazon, for under $10 you get refillable K-cups, then bring a can of french market to office, refill

Our favorite coffee! I\\\'ve been drinking this coffee since 1989, and my hubby is a convert! I love the dark roast, love the chicory for smoothness! Our only complaint is that sometimes the cans are dented when they arrive.