La Martinique Blue Cheese Vinaigrette 10 oz

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This rich-flavored vinaigrette is full of fresh hand-crumbled chunks of robust blue cheese, specially blended spices, oil and vinegar.


Terri McGovern
My favorite Blu Cheese Dressing!

True rich blue cheese flavor. The only one left since all the other "America's Favorite" brands have now turned into glorified Ranch. The best there is.

I'm a little obsessed with this dressing...well...not a little...a lot! It works on any kind of salad and also as a marinade. The taste is exquisite, subtle yet unique.

This is the best blue cheese vinaigrette out there. My sons, my wife, myself, we adore this salad dressing. It is our favorite. (one of the reviewers forgot to mark the stars, although she gave it a great review. should be 5 star from all reviewers to date)

Will Wright
My whole family like this salad dressing. When we are out everyone is unhappy.

BEST dressing ever! Just ran out and had a small panic attack! The website is great and I found where I can purchase in a matter of seconds. Whew!

Karen Z
Best dressing ever! My daughter doesn't even like blue cheese and she loves this dressing. I can't buy it locally so I order here, thank goodness.