Luzianne Sweet Tea Single Serve Cups 12 Count

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Luzianne refreshing tea now in a single serve cup.


Charity C
This k cup is so awesome! We have the hardest time finding them because they are in such demand. I have went from Walmart to Walmart looking for these and can't find any. We tried them, went back a week later and they are all gone. There is 0 sugar and 0 calories, great for dieting and diabetics!

Robyn C.
A wonderful tea, nice and strong, I'm fairly new to tea like this but it definitely grew on me. A great tea especially for diabetics. They keep selling out at Wal-Marts and other stores so I was thrilled when I found out I could buy it online. Great price, but wished you'd offer other options for shipping, I thought it a bit high myself.

Best tea ever!!!

I order this about a dozen boxes at a time.. This is an amazing iced tea. Sweetened with the equivalence of splenda. Tastes so fresh brewed every single time..

A Barlow
This is my absolute favorite iced tea!! I was elated when I found the single serve cups, but they have completely disappeared from shelves in Oklahoma City!! Please tell us what happened!! Are they coming back??