Based in one of the world's great culinary centers, Reily Foods Company has been offering consumers high-quality products and service for more than 100 years.

Prior to the turn of the 20th century, William B. Reily operated a wholesale grocery business in Monroe, Louisiana. With his expertise in roasting and the strong demand for his coffees, Mr. Reily moved to New Orleans in 1902 to found a company to roast, grind, package and distribute canned coffee. It was the birth of the Luzianne brand.

In 1906, Mr. Reily was joined by Jacob Aron, a green coffee importer and family friend. With 85% of all imported coffee beans passing through New Orleans, they assured themselves of having the first choice of the finest beans available. As the company's reputation for quality grew, tea was added to the product line. In 1919, the company was reincorporated as Wm. B. Reily & Company, Inc.

By 1932, Mr. Reily had established the Luzianne brand throughout most of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and parts of Florida, the Carolinas and Virginia and with his son, William B. Reily, Jr. had started Standard Coffee Company, which delivered coffee products directly to consumers homes.

From 1932 to 1968, Reily Foods Company continued to prosper and grow, guided by William B. Reily, Jr., and his brother, James W. Reily. During this period, a larger updated production facility was built in New Orleans and roasting plants were built and purchased in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1965, the JFG Coffee Company of Knoxville, Tennessee was acquired. As a dominant regional roaster and marketer of ground coffee, tea, mayonnaise and peanut butter, JFGs successful diversification provided the model that encouraged the Reily Foods Company to diversity beyond coffee and tea.

From 1968 to 2001, William B. Reily, III actively led the company through a coordinated effort of successful acquisitions. With the Blue Plate Foods acquisition in 1974, C. James McCarthy III joined the company and led the repositioning of Luzianne Tea as the right tea for iced tea. Luzianne Tea is the number two selling brand in the United States.

Today, Reily Foods Company continues to manufacture and market not only the highest quality coffees and teas including many private label brands but a wide variety of specialty brands crossing many categories including cake flour, sauces, chili seasonings, salad dressings, bean soups and brownie mixes. Our products are sold in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the United States with select products sold internationally. The consumer demand for more than 100 Reily Foods Company products is impressive. Its that kind of consumer demand and loyalty that drives our growth.

As we prepare to enter our next hundred years of service, we pledge to continue to uphold our commitment to quality.