Luzianne Tea Pour-N-Stir Sweet 2 Quart 6 Count

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Ronie Downey
I was shopping and found this item at a local store,I purchased it and was extremely happy with both the taste and how easy it was to make a really great pitcher of iced tea,simply put, it was a snap for this 65 year old grandpa to do in less then the time it takes to open a tea bag and place it in a cup,I love this product,this is a real "brewed glass of tea"

dewanda white

Love this product especially in the 1 pouch makes a gallon size. But, you need to tell Wal-Mart to carry more of it! They are always out and I have gone to many Wal-Mart stores trying to find it and only find a few pouches here and there. Great tasting tea easy and quick!

Judy Hoffler
I have been using this tea (the gallon pouch size) since it came out but can not find it anywhere anymore, Walmart use to be the only place I could find it and now they no longer have it. Just wondering if you stopped making the gallon pouches? I am dying to buy a few cases of it but can't find it anywhere online.

This is the best tea ever! I love the simplicity of mixing this from concentrate and that the formula is going to be perfect for every batch I make. The taste is the best out there and the cost is very economicall compared to bottled teas. Walmart was the only place that carried this and now they have decided to eliminate it from their inventory. Thank you for making this available for purchase online. I will continue to use this item. I will continue to tell all my friends and family about this awesome product.